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Hi, I am Andre Lesmana. I am a destination photographer and currently living in Bali, Indonesia.
I love being out in the nature.
My photography is all about raw emotions of love in the outdoors.
I love capturing natural moments without exaggerations.
I want people to be who they really are, enjoy their time with their loved ones comfortably when they explore the outdoors, while I capture the mood, the little warm gestures and moments in between that are maybe sometimes overlooked.
I try to keep my photos down to earth and honest, because to me it makes the whole story real.
At the end of the day, I want my photos to show what you see, what you feel and what you experience so they can give you a set of real memories when you look back.
From shooting couples, engagements, families, travels and weddings…I would love to do it all.
Although I am currently living in Bali, Indonesia, I am available to shoot anywhere around the world.
Just send me an email and lets talk further..

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