That’s Gorgeous! Favorite Wedding Photos from Photobug in 2013

January 3, 2014 | sarah

Whether the subject is a beautiful bride, a stunning landscape, or a couple in love, our Member Photographers have an eye for capturing their beauty perfectly! I’m so glad that they do. I hope you enjoy these gorgeous wedding photos from 2013.

gorgeous bridal portrait by Alison Conklin Photography, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | via
photo by Alison Conklin Photography


wedding proposal photo at sunset by Todd Surber of King Street Studios, Charleston, South Carolina | via
photo by Todd Surber of King Street Studios


gorgeous wedding portrait under trees by Daniele Del Castillo, Australia, Italy | via
photo by Daniele Del Castillo


gorgeous bridal portrait by A Truth Be Shown Photography, Minnesota | via
photo by A Truth Be Shown Photography


gorgeous wedding photo of bride ascending staircase by Mott Visuals Wedding, Thailand | via
photo by Mott Visuals Wedding


gorgeous wedding portrait of bride and groom by Ed Peers Photography, England | via
photo by Ed Peers Photography


gorgeous sunlit bridal portrait by Brett Butterstein Photography, Orange County, California | via
photo by Brett Butterstein Photography


gorgeous reflection wedding portrait by Fer Juaristi, Mexico | via
photo by Fer Juaristi


gorgeous laughing bride wedding photo by Chowen Photography, Colorado | via
photo by Chowen Photography


gorgeous black and white wedding photo of bride and groom by Erik Clausen, San Francisco, California | via
photo by Erik Clausen


beautiful bridal portrait, wedding photo by Jeff Newsom, Los Angeles, California | via
photo by Jeff Newsom


gorgeous landscape photo of bride at wedding, photo by Daniel Aguilar, Mexico | via
photo by Daniel Aguilar


wedding photo of couple dancing in sunset by Abby Photography, Vancouver, British Columbia | via
photo by Abby Photography


gorgeous bride and bridesmaids photo by Jonetsu Photography, Canada | via
photo by Jonetsu Photography


gorgeous bridal portrait by Sam Hurd, Washington D.C. | via
photo by Sam Hurd Photography


beautiful landscape wedding portrait by Julian Kanz, Italy | via
photo by Julian Kanz


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