The 2017 Best of the Best Engagement Photo Collection – Honorable Mention

May 16, 2017 | carrie

Yesterday, we revealed the 2017 Best of the Best Engagement Photo Collection. Over 5,000 images were submitted to this year’s contest and we were beyond floored by the amount of talent and creativity submitted. It was no easy feat narrowing down the thousands of images to just 50, which is why we are so excited to award our honorable mention winners! Thanks again to our judges, Ben Sasso, Jennifer Moher, and Petar Jurica, for helping us to award these truly talented individuals!

Photo by Wed Over Hills

Photo by M&J Studios

Photo by Allison Callaway of Callaway Gable

Photo by Maciej Suwalowski

Photo by Tricia Victoria Photography

Photo by Jordan Voth Photography

Photo by Samuel Goh Photography

Photo by Kama Catch Me Photography

Photo by Dearheart Photos

Photo by Lukas Piatek

Photo by diktatphotography

Photo by latophotography

Photo by Sebastien Bicard Photography

Photo by Eric Floberg Film and Photography

Photo by Logan Swayze Photography

Photo by Alicia Magnuson Photography

Photo by THAIS Photography

Photo by Rosey Red Photography

Photo by Art Wedding Photography

Photo by Will Khoury Photography

Photo by diktatphotography

Photo by Emma Johnson of The Bold Americana

Photo by The Hearnes Adventure Photography

Photo by Joel & Justyna

Photo by Shutter Go Click Photography

Photo by Ruan Redelinghuys Photography

Photo by Dalibora Bijelic Photography

Photo by diktatphotography

Photo by Christopher|F Photography

Photo by Anton Podolskiy

Photo by Emma Johnson of The Bold Americana

Photo by Gina & Ryan Photography

Congratulations to all of our honorable mention winners!

If you have yet to view the top 50, be sure to head on over to check out the 2017 Best of the Best Engagement photo collection. And if you didn’t get a chance to submit this year, don’t forget that our Best of the Best Destination Photo Contest opens for submissions on July 10th.


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Top Pics of the Week – May 12th

May 12, 2017 | gabby

photo by Paula Jackson Photography

Just as it’s finally getting warm outside, things are heating up in this week’s Top Pics! Take a dip into the gorgeous work of Baylee Dennis PhotographyMati Photography, Erika Greene PhotographyLATO Photography, Melissa Rey PhotoPaula Jackson Photography, Carey Nash, and Twyla Jones.

photo by Carey Nash

photo by LATO Photography

photo by Twyla Jones

photo by Erika Greene Photography

photo by Mati Photography

photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

photo by Melissa Rey Photo

A very special thanks to all of the photographers who shared their work with us this week! Want to see your work in a future Top Pics post? Be sure to tag your Instagram photos with #photobugcommunity, and join the fun over in our Photobug Community Facebook page!

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This Moonlight Session From Katch Silva is Otherworldly

May 8, 2017 | carrie

All Photos © Katch Silva

What’s more magical than moonlight? Nothing comes to my mind, which is why I was so excited when Katch Silva posted a moonlight session to her blog recently. Katch met her couple, Isaiah and Taylor, around sunset and they started their session an hour prior to midnight. The resulting images have an otherworldly feel to them, thanks in large part to the unusual terrain at Joshua Tree as well as the moon’s soft and eerie glow. If you’re looking to try your hand at photographing by the light of the moon, be sure to read what Katch has to say about shooting at such an unusual hour!

From the photographer:

I had been trying to schedule a full moon session for about 9 months, but the moon cycle never coincided with my schedule, moonrise time, or weather. For this shoot, I had to pay close attention to all the elements, and thankfully the clouds cooperated for most of it. We started shooting at around 10 PM and shot till about 11:30 PM. The reason I did it in Joshua Tree (apart from the fact that I just freaking love Joshua Tree) is because it’s reflective as shit. The ground and boulders are light beige which means you have semi-reflectors everywhere, to bounce back that moonlight. I also made sure to shoot soon after the moon had risen so that the light was still directional coming in from the side, not the top. When we started it was a clear sky with just the moon (you can tell in the shots with really defined direct light) and towards the end, some clouds started to come in and the light was way more defused and way darker.

Every shot in this post was taken with the Canon 5D MIV and 35mmL, and I stayed around 1.4 and 1.6 for aperture. Most of these shots were taken at ISO 25,600 and 32,000, though I did test out ISO H1 and H2 (equivalent to 51,200 and 102,400) and they also worked well. My shutter speed ranged from 1/25 sec to 1/6 sec, and it was all shot handheld (no tripod). I just inhale and hold my breath when I press the shutter! It was important to me to stay handheld because it keeps the vibe more natural and less restricted, which is important to me for my couple sessions.

I think the trickiest part of this experiment was focusing. Obviously focusing in the dark is almost impossible with no aid. So I used my flash (580 EXii) on the camera hot shoe only for the focus assist beam. The assist beam is that red infrared light you see when you’re using on-camera flash, it helps the flash measure the distance to the subject to help focusing. So I used that, but I disabled my flash from firing so that no flash actually went off. I have a more in-depth explanation of how to and when to use assist beam HERE if you want to read more about it!

I tried to take some behind the scenes but my iPhone couldn’t handle how dark it was so it just came out pitch black!

Thanks so much to Katch for sharing this behind-the-scenes look into her moonlight session!

If you’re searching for more behind-the-scenes peeks, check out our Behind-the-Photo with Andy Gaines.


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