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The 2016 Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest – Interview with the Judges

November 7, 2016 | carrie

Photo by Patina Photography If you’re considering submitting your work to the 2016 Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest, we have a special treat for you today! Our judges for this year’s contest, Ben and Erin Chrisman of Chrisman Studios, Shari and Mike Vallely of Shari + Mike Photographers, and Benj Haisch, are here to provide their insight on contests, photography, and what they’re looking forward to seeing in this year’s submissions. Enjoy! If […]

Interested in Booking More Intimate Weddings? Read This.

October 31, 2016 | carrie

All Photos © Kandice Breinholt Intimate weddings offer the chance to celebrate your love in a private, emotionally-charged ceremony. Today, more and more couples are deciding to opt out of the large, traditional wedding for the chance to escape the stress and expense in exchange for a low-key, intimate affair. This transition away from larger weddings has opened up a new niche in the wedding market for wedding photographers, and there is now a growing trend […]

How to Successfully Rebrand and Relocate Your Photography Business in 18 Months

October 24, 2016 | carrie

Photo by Hinterland Stills Whether you dream of moving your photography business to the other side of the world or just a few hours from your current home, relocating your business is a big feat. For the team at Hinterland Stills (formerly Fotoenvy), that feat also included a complete rebrand. Making the move to Seattle from Illinois opened the door to a new community and a new pool of potential clients, but it was also […]

Instagrammers to Follow – October Edition

October 20, 2016 | carrie

Photo by Maciej Suwalowski If you’re not using Instagram as a marketing tool for your photography business, you’re doing it wrong! Learn how some of our favorite accounts have gained clients and built their own communities with Instagram in this month’s edition of Instagrammers to Follow. In Frames Photography – @inframesphotography Photo by In Frames Photography I love Instagram! It’s definitely how I get a majority of my clients! I love that it allows for […]

Stunning Blue Hour Photography

October 10, 2016 | carrie

Photo by Jim Pollard (5D Mark III, 85L II, F/2.0, 1/2000) Blue hour occurs shortly before sunrise and just after sunset. It’s not a huge window of time, but if you’re able to shoot during this sultry light, you can stretch your day and capture some truly dynamic imagery. We challenged our Photobug Community Facebook group to share their favorite blue hour photos and share they did! Here are a few of our favorites, along with the equipment and […]

Making the Most out of Your First Year as a Wedding Photographer

October 3, 2016 | carrie

All Photos © Benjamin Patch One year ago, Benjamin Patch started taking photos on his iPhone. Today, he has nearly 45K followers on Instagram and a portfolio that surely intimidates seasoned pros. How did Benjamin become such an overnight sensation? We think he’s figured out the recipe to making the most out of your first year as a wedding photographer, and we’re excited to share his insight with you today! Whether you’ve shot 5 or […]

How to Create Beautiful Double Exposure Photos

September 19, 2016 | carrie

Photo by Tomasz Wagner Recently, we challenged our Photobug Community to post their favorite double exposure images. We weren’t sure how many responses we’d get, so we were pleasantly surprised when so many of you posted your work! Today, we’re sharing a round-up of some of the community’s favorite double exposure images from our challenge. Along with these beautiful photos, each photographer shared insight into how they created their image. Photo by The Wayfarers We created this […]

Instagrammers to Follow – September Edition

September 15, 2016 | carrie

Photos by The Wayfarers, Noelle Johnson, Darren Roberts, Mark Pacura, and Michelle Lyerly (from left to right) Searching for some new inspiration to add to your Instagram feed? Look no further! This month’s Instagram round-up features adventure-seeking wedding photographers from all over the world. We hope you’ll check them out and give them a follow! Mark Pacura – @markpacuraphoto Mark: Instagram is the most important social media channel for me, and I think it should be the […]

Using Snapchat and Instagram Stories for Your Wedding Photography Business

September 12, 2016 | carrie

All Photos and video  ©Maciej Suwalowski If you aren’t already following Maciej Suwalowski (a.k.a. Magic) on Instagram and Snapchat (and everything else), you need to be. His outgoing personality and bigger than life sense of humor are contagious. I met Maciej earlier this year at Way Up North Rome, where he just so happened to be the official conference Snapchatter. So when Instagram released their version of Snapchat, Stories, I knew it was time to bring […]

How to Get Your Couples Relaxed and Comfortable in Front of the Camera

September 5, 2016 | carrie

Photo by Jennifer Moher Not every couple comes with a background in modeling; in fact, most couples have no clue how to act in front of a camera. However, that doesn’t have to keep you from working your magic and creating emotionally-charged photos for clients who are camera shy. We asked the members of our Photobug Community Facebook group for their advice on how to pose couples, and we’re sharing that insight with you today! Set […]