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Top Pics of the Week – March 24

March 24, 2017 | gabby

photo by Punyan Photography This week’s Top Pics are so magical and romantic, we can practically see the sparks flying! A huge thanks to Tim and Nadine, Oscar Castro Photo, Punyan Photography, Hazel Eyes Photography, The Carrs Photography, Phil Wenger Photography, Madisen Hardisty Creative, and Cinzia Bruschini for sharing their photos with us this week. photo by Phil Wenger Photography photo by Oscar Castro Photo photo by Madisen Hardisty Creative photo by Hazel Eyes Photography photo by Cinzia Bruschini photo by Tim and […]

Top Pics of the Week – March 17th

March 17, 2017 | gabby

photo by Laura Hamon Photography We are head over heels for this week’s Top Pics! They’re all about motion, compelling geometry, and, of course, love. A very special thanks to Schilling Photography, Oscar Castro Photo, ISKRA Photography, Anchor & Veil Photography, Venema Pictures, Ray Duker Photography, Laura Hamon Photography, Francesco Spighi, and Antonija Nekic Photography for sharing their images with us this week. photo by Venema Pictures photo by ISKRA Photography photo by Francesco Spighi photo by Schilling Photography photo by Anchor & Veil Photography […]

Top Pics of the Week – March 10th

March 10, 2017 | gabby

photo by Black Bird Tale Spring’s approaching fast, which means that wedding season (and lavender season!) are almost upon us! We’re totally feeling the love from this week’s Top Pics. A huge thanks to Christelle Rall, Oscar Castro Photo, Rachel Barkman Photography, Silvia Galora Photography, Black Bird Tale, Zaitography, LaTo Photography, and Sean and Kate Photography for sharing this week’s photos with us. photo by Rachel Barkman Photography photo by Oscar Castro Photo photo by Sean and Kate Photography photo by Zaitography photo by Silvia Galora […]

Top Pics of the Week – March 3rd

March 3, 2017 | gabby

photo by Sean & Kate This week’s Top Pics is all about deeply emotional moments, unconventional lighting, and surreal scenery! A very special thanks to Sean & Kate, Oscar Castro Photography, Stephen Liberge, Nicole Leigh Photo, Alana Taylor Photography, Marko Marinkovic, Sarah Rose Photography, M Lindsay Photography, and The Apartment Photography for sharing your photos with us. photo by Oscar Castro Photography photo by The Apartment Photography photo by M Lindsay Photography photo by Sarah Rose Photography photo by Nicole Leigh Photo photo […]

Top Pics of the Week – February 24th

February 24, 2017 | gabby

photo by The Moody Romantic This week’s Top Pics features intimate couple moments, a stellar double exposure, and mind-blowing natural scenery. A very special thanks to Sarah Joy Photo, Lesley Laine Photography, Mark Pacura Photography, Alexa Ray Studio, Sascha Kraemer, Mark Maya, Evynn LeValley Photography, Sean and Kate, Moira West Photography, and The Moody Romantic for sharing these stunning photos with us. photo by Sean and Kate photo by Mark Maya photo by Evynn LeValley Photography photo by Alexa Ray Studio photo by Moira West Photography photo […]

Our Favorite Images of Pets at Weddings

February 20, 2017 | carrie

Photo by Megan Saul Photography It’s pretty well known that us Junebug gals love animals, especially when they happen to be attending weddings that we feature! You can’t get much cuter than a dog sporting a floral crown, in my opinion. With this love of pets in mind, we challenged our Photobug Community to share their favorite images showcasing pets at weddings, and man are these photos sure to bring a smile to your face! Photo […]

Top Pics of the Week – February 17th

February 17, 2017 | gabby

photo by Eastlyn Bright Keeping with the spirit of this week’s romantic holiday, we’re letting love light the way in this week’s Top Pics! A big thanks to Carey Nash, Evynn LeValley Photography, Helena & Laurent Photography, Eastlyn Bright, Gina & Ryan Photography, Kristín María, Eric-Rene Penoy, Gustavo Franco Fotografia, and X for contributing to this week’s Top Pics! photo by Evynn LeValley Photography photo by Kristín María photo by Eric-Rene Penoy photo by Carey Nash photo by Gustavo Franco Fotografia photo by Gina & Ryan Photography photo […]

Top Pics of the Week – February 10th

February 10, 2017 | gabby

photo by Jaakko Sorvisto Between a steamy scene, epic mountaintops, and tons of sheep, this week’s Top Pics have us tickled pink! A huge thanks to MONRO Photography, Jaakko Sorvisto, Liz Osben Photography, Martijn Roos Fotografie, Liat Aharoni Photography, A Girl and A Camera Photography, Meredith Lord Photography, Prisma Blanco Fotografia, Wertvoll Fotografie, and Erin Northcutt for sharing this week’s images with us. photo by Liat Aharoni Photography photo by Erin Northcutt photo by Meredith Lord Photography photo by Wertvoll Fotografie photo by Prisma Blanco Fotografia photo by […]

Top Pics of the Week – February 3rd

February 3, 2017 | gabby

photo by Sascha Kraemer We can’t get enough of the windswept hair and wide open spaces in this week’s Top Pics! A very special thanks to Jojo Pangilinan Photographers, Roberto Panciatici Photography, Happy Day Media, Eneka Stewart Photography, Whit Photography, Jonas Seaman Photography, Sascha Kraemer, Bastian Najich, and Kiki Creates for sharing their work with us this week. photo by Jonas Seaman Photography photo by Whit Photography photo by Eneka Stewart Photography photo by Bastian Najich photo by Happy Day Media photo by Kiki Creates photo by Roberto Panciatici Photography […]

Top Pics of the Week – January 27th

January 27, 2017 | gabby

photo by Mati Photography This week’s Top Pics combines idyllic rural backdrops with cool urban scenes! Huge thanks to Stephen Liberge, Mati Photography, Ryan Chard Smith, Fabio Mirulla, Abby Roses, Dara Sikkila Photography, Shari + Mike, Kelsie EmM Photography, Dimas Cumi, and Dallas & Sabrina for sharing your photos with us. photo by Dimas Cumi photo by Ryan Chard Smith photo by Dallas & Sabrina photo by Fabio Mirulla photo by Shari + Mike photo by Abby Roses photo by Kelsie EmM Photography photo by Stephen […]