Wedding Photography Inspiration:

Incredible First-Look Captured by Addison Jones Photography

March 28, 2016 | carrie

All Photos  © Addison Jones Photography If you’re lucky enough to have clients who trust you, then you can totally relate to Addison Jones and her experience with Rose and Joe. With limited spots available for a great first-look moment, Addison and her team whipped up a miracle in the streets of downtown Columbus, Ohio. By making a slight adjustment, Addison was able to capture one of the most sincere and downright beautiful first-look moments we’ve […]

Rainy Wedding in Yorkshire from Sansom Photography

January 7, 2016 | carrie

All Photos ©Sansom Photography Anytime we share a wedding from Sansom Photography, we’re always blown away by this photography duo’s ability to find light and beautiful moments wherever they are. Today, we’re sharing a wedding from Sansom that definitely did not have prime light or weather conditions. It rained the entire day! Despite the circumstances, Chris and Verity were still we able to capture beautiful couple portraits at this rainy wedding in Yorkshire. Enjoy! From […]

Spectacular Mountaintop Wedding from Two Mann Studios

October 22, 2015 | carrie

All Photos © Two Mann Studios Set in the Canadian Rockies, Michelle and Phil’s mountaintop wedding included one gorgeous veil, strikingly blue skies, adventurous climbs, and tons of laughs. I have never seen a bride smile as much as Michelle. Lucky for us all, Two Mann Studios was there to capture the emotions of the day flawlessly. From the photographer: Summer in the rockies is completely unpredictable. We can have all 4 seasons in one […]

Best of the Best Wedding 2014 Honorable Mention – Emotional Wedding Photos

January 23, 2015 | Lexi Ross

 photo by Kristi Odom Photography There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing the vulnerability and raw emotion from brides and loved ones on their wedding day. The following images were submitted to our 2014 Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest, and theses intimate moments were exquisitely captured by some very talented photographers. This collection of emotional photographs are beyond deserving of an honorable mention – we hope that you all enjoy! phot0 by Naomi Chokr […]

That’s Heartbreaking! Emotional Pre-Ceremony Wedding Photos

April 17, 2014 | sarah

The moments before the wedding ceremony are palpable; rich and full of love, anticipation and wonder. In stunning black and white, these emotional wedding photos were captured by talented Junebug Photographers Fer Juaristi, Christina Carroll Photography, and Julian Kanz. Aren't they remarkable?

That’s Heartbeaking! Emotional Wedding Photos by Junebug Members

March 25, 2014 | sarah

Tender and touching, these emotional wedding photos by Erik Clausen, Italian Wedding Photography by Jules , and Olivia Vale are a striking reminder of all the beauty one can experience through the eyes of an amazing photographer.

That’s Heartbreaking – Emotional and Sweet Wedding Photos

March 4, 2014 | sarah

The eyes say it all! With a twinkle or a tear, the wedding day emotions come flooding out and are beautiful captured in these emotional photos by Christina Carroll Photography, Citlalli Rico, and Alison Conklin Photography. I'm certain every couple would be thrilled to have any one of these amazing moments to treasure for a lifetime.

That’s Heartbreaking! Emotional Wedding Photos by Junebug Photographers

February 18, 2014 | sarah

Ryan Brenizer, Elaine Palladino, and This Modern Love captured these heartbreakingly emotional wedding photos and let me tell you, that is no small feat! Besides having to be in the right place at right time, these photographers must see beyond the busy events of the day as they search for moments like these, and tell a story in a single click.

That’s Heartbreaking! Emotional Looks of Love in Photos by Junebug Members

January 21, 2014 | sarah

Whether it be a group of supportive bridesmaids, an adoring soon-to-be wife or a very proud mama, the looks of love overflow at weddings, glowing with admiration, joy and excitement. These emotional wedding photos were captured by Junebug Member Photographers Davina+Daniel, Kathryn Krueger, and Scott Lewis Images, revealing with tender honesty what's at the heart of the wedding day.

Best of the Best 2013 Honorable Mention – Emotional Wedding Photos

January 9, 2014 | christy

Emotions run deep on wedding days, from beaming grins to waterfalls of tears, plus every kind of feeling in between. When those sweet moments are captured in great photos, nothing can compare. These emotional wedding photos were submitted to our 2013 Best of the Best Photo Collection and we just can't get enough of them - we think they deserve honorable mention all around!