Top Pics of the Week – August 18th

August 18, 2017 | gabby

photo by Wandering Woo

Run – don’t walk! – toward this week’s Top Pics! We have regal couple portraits, amazing landscapes, and even a Game of Thrones Khaleesi-inspired bridal portrait in store for you this week. A big thanks to Brandi Potter PhotoDéus Photography, David West Photography, Kessler Photo and FilmTerralogicalWandering WooSean and Kate, and Black Bird Tale for sharing their photos with us!

photo by Kessler Photo and Film

photo by Déus Photography

photo by Terralogical

photo by Black Bird Tale

photo by Sean and Kate

photo by Brandi Potter Photo

photo by David West Photography

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The Best Album Companies for Wedding Photographers

August 14, 2017 | carrie

Photo by Carrie J. Photography

For some reason, there aren’t a ton of reviews out there when it comes to wedding photo album companies. No Google, Facebook, or Yelp reviews to point photographers in the right direction. That said, it’s no wonder so many photographers end up working with several different companies before finding the perfect one for their business. Personally, I think this user information should be more available so that wedding photographers don’t have to go through this whole trial and error process. I’ve spent a few weeks coming up with this list of recommended album companies for wedding photographers and scouring the internet and Facebook to give you guys pros and cons for each company. Here’s to finding the album company that truly matches your brand!

Artifact Uprising

Pros: High-quality flat lay albums and great customer service

Cons: Expensive, final prints may have muddy tones, and some people have reported bugs with the album builder. Also, Artifact Uprising has their pricing online for everyone to see

Learn more:

Kiss Books

Pros: Reasonably priced and great quality. Kiss also has an album builder with their free account

Cons: Design options are more simple and clean, which isn’t necessarily a con if that’s what you’re looking for!

Learn more:

QT albums

Pros: Beautiful albums built for fine art photographers and affordably priced

Cons: If you shoot a different style of photography, these albums might not fit your aesthetic

Learn more:

Red Tree Albums

Pros: Great quality, neutral and clean album designs

Cons: Pricing is steeper than other album options

Learn more:


Pros: Affordable and great customer service

Cons: While these albums are more affordable, you might miss out on quality and appearance. ZNO also includes their pricing of albums online

Learn more:


Pros: Amazing quality and great customer service

Cons: Based in Toronto, so shipping outside of Canada is more expensive

Learn more:


Pros: Affordable

Cons: Not the most intuitive album builder

Learn more:

Miller’s Lab

Pros: Ships in 24 hours

Cons: Album design not intuitive

Learn more:

Nations Photo Lab

Pros: Great quality, affordably priced, and quick shipping (if you live in the US)

Cons: Pricing is listed on their site and if you’re shipping outside of the US, delivery times and costs may differ

Learn more:


Pros: Reasonably priced, lots of cover options, and they offer free standard shipping all around the world

Cons: I have tried my hardest to find one bad thing about Visionart, but I really can’t. I’m actually surprised Visionart isn’t talked about more in the photography community. Let me know in the comments section if there’s a con I should list here!

Learn more:

Luxe Wedding Albums

Pros: Wide variety of cover options and high-quality albums

Cons: Very traditional

Learn more:


Pros: Quality albums with cool options such as metallic leather covers

Cons: Expensive 

Learn more:


Pros: One of the oldest and biggest album making companies

Cons: Traditional designs

Learn more:


Pros: Their customers love their albums and you can’t find a single bad review online about this company

Cons: More traditional designs, although they do allow for custom covers

Learn more:

I know that this list isn’t complete, and I want to hear what you have to say. Please share your feedback below!


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Top Pics of the Week – August 11th

August 11, 2017 | gabby

photo by Mirror Studio

This week’s Top Pics have our hearts aflutter with their sepia tones and endless amounts of love! A big thanks to Muse & Mirror PhotographyFrøydis Geithus PhotographyJess Soper PhotographyMirror StudioMelissa Rey PhotoFrancesco SpighiKEVIN Fotografie, and KnowMe fotografie for contributing their images to this week’s post.

photo by KnowMe fotografie

photo by Jess Soper Photography

photo by KEVIN Fotografie

photo by Frøydis Geithus Photography

photo by Muse & Mirror Photography

photo by Melissa Rey Photo

photo by Francesco Spighi

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