Behind the Photo – Underwater Portrait by Blue Glass Photography

September 26, 2016 | carrie

behind-the-photo-underwater-portrait-blueglass-1 All Photos © Blue Glass Photography

You might recognize this stunning underwater portrait from the 2016 Destination Photo Collection. The couple and the school of fish surrounding them seem so in sync it’s downright magical. And even more magical than the final image is the story that led to its capture. How did Blue Glass Photography manage to snap a photo of their couple so perfectly surrounded by a school of fish? We’re sharing all of this and more in today’s Behind the Photo!


Turtle Bay Beach at Caneel Bay Resort, St. John USVI




Nikon D810 with Nikon 14-24mm 2.8 zoom in Aquatica AD810 Housing with Aquatica 9.25” Megadome Glass Port

Camera Settings:

f16 at 1/160 sec at ISO 100


Growing up in the Caribbean, I always had a passionate love affair with the sea. And I always wanted to share this passion with travelers so they could witness the majestic beauty and understand my madness & desire for these beautiful islands.

This particular image did not require any planning as we captured it on the fly. However, it did require a bit of luck with nature, a patient and adventurous couple with lots of romantic chemistry, crystal clear calm water, and my proactive assistant Brittany who helped keep me steady at the ideal depth and who also quickly wiped off water droplets from the glass dome so that the images remained unobstructed. It all started as I positioned Jaime & Michael at the ideal angle to capture the morning light and fired a few test images. All of a sudden, a flock of pelicans began dive bombing in all directions and the bait fish immediately converged and surrounded Jamie & Michael. Feeling safe, the fish swam in a circle around the kissing couple until the frustrated pelicans flew off. This amazing moment only lasted a few seconds as the fish swam out to deeper water as soon as the birds were gone.


Post Production:

For post production, I worked exclusively in Adobe Photoshop CC and Silver Efex Pro 2. There wasn’t much that needed to be done to the image except sharpen, dodge a few areas in their faces to soften shadows, and remove sensor dust spots that become prevalent due to the large aperture (f16-f22) required to capture razor sharp over/underwater images.


Massive thanks to Blue Glass Photography for sharing this nature-filled behind-the-scenes moment with us!

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Top Pics of the Week – September 23rd

September 23, 2016 | carrie

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-9 Photo by Rosey Red Photography

This week’s Top Pics have us seeing stars! Many thanks to Rosey Red PhotographyTJ TindaleEllie Asher PhotographyDon y HelenThe Times We HaveLuke Liable PhotographySidney DiongzonJames Escobar Photography, and Sansom Photography for sharing their work with us this week.

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-5 Photo by TJ Tindale

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-1 Photo by Ellie Asher Photography

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-7 Photo by Don y Helen

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-6 Photo by The Times We Have

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-3 Photo by Luke Liable Photography

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-4 Photo by Sidney Diongzon

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-2 Photo by James Escobar Photography

top-pics-week-9-23-2016-8 Photo by Sansom Photography

Don’t forget to #photobugcommunity for your chance to see your images in an upcoming Top Pics of the Week.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


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Rejuvenate Your Creative Soul at Darling Wedding Workshop

September 20, 2016 | carrie

darling-wedding-workshop-11 All Photos ©Darling Photography

Mark your calendars for the Darling Wedding Workshop, which is taking place on November 18-20! Darling Wedding Workshop is a 3-day experience for wedding photographers looking to connect, learn, and grow. This year, Darling will be held at The Granite Ridge Estate & Barn, located in scenic Norway, Maine. Amidst the beautiful views, Jenn Smith from Darling Photography will give you the foundation you need to get excited and feel confident in your wedding photography business. Here’s what you can expect from attending Darling Wedding Workshop, along with some photos from the last workshop!


Day 1 | Grow Your Network

Growing your network only creates more opportunities for you and your business. When you arrive at Darling, the first thing you’ll do is connect with your fellow attendees over dinner. You’ll learn from each other in a relaxed, open environment. Without realizing it, you’ll be opening doors for your business and making life-long friends.

“The opportunity to meet, network and form relationships with other photographers who are at the same point in building their businesses is worth every penny.” – Emily MacCabe (past workshop attendee)



Day 2 | Practice Your Craft

You’ve probably heard that the more you shoot, the better your photos. The age-old saying “practice makes perfect” rings true in every industry. At Darling, you’ll have the opportunity to photograph a styled wedding. The styled shoot will follow an actual wedding day timeline and will include everything from the getting ready moments to the reception + details. You will also learn how to work with other professionals that make a wedding day come together.

Whether your next wedding is your first or your 20th, Day 2 of the Darling Wedding Workshop will give you the skills you need to photograph your next wedding with confidence.

“The full day wedding walk through was an incredible learning opportunity in every aspect of our business because not only were we able to learn about the shooting aspect of our business, but we learned how Jenn builds the day to exceed client and vendor expectations. In just a few short weeks after the wedding, I have already begun to put these things into practice and my business is transforming!” – Becki (past workshop attendee)


Day 3 | Fine-tune Your Business 

You became a photographer because you have a passion for taking photos. However, being a great wedding photographer also means understanding branding, customer service, marketing, workflow, accounting, and more. Day 3 of the Darling Wedding Workshop will give you the tools and ideas you need to make your business work for you. Whether you struggle with making a profit or fitting in time for editing, you’ll learn Jenn’s secrets of mastering the business side of wedding photography.

“I think it helps with all aspects of the process including the actual shooting/posing, but also the business end, which is where so many people (aka me!) struggle.” – Meghan (past workshop attendee)



Click here to view additional details about the workshop.

Ready to take the leap? You can book your spot here.

The investment to attend Darling Wedding Workshop is $1,750, and includes food and accommodations. Space is limited to 10 photographers, so hurry before those spots disappear!

“You will leave this workshop feeling rejuvenated and excited about your business, plus you will have gained some really awesome colleagues/friends! What are you waiting for?!” – Kimberly Morissette (past workshop attendee)


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