The best wedding photographers in Cardiff, Newport, Bangor, St Davids, and Swansea - available for weddings all over the UK.
You wedding is such an important day, capture those memories with a photographer who will ensure your special day is captured flawlessly. You can trust our World's Best Hotlist from Newport to Cardiff, Wales.
A photography duo devoid of ego and full of sincerity and love for what they do, Millie Benbow and her partner Jo are perfect for any couple wanting artistic, honest wedding photographs. These two make the process of wedding photography fun and enjoyable for all involved, no matter how camera shy you might be. They enter your wedding as friends, and work diligently to capture touchingly intimate moments without the subtraction of the natural spontaneity. Millie and Jo's work is both powerful and emotional, epic and sweet. Their inventive compositions and creative use of natural light make every shot come alive. Available throughout Wales, England, and where ever love may take you.
Gavin James has uncovered and accepted a responsibility to catch all the best moments that happen between you and your loved ones; which means, all the moments that occur when you least expect them. He has a style that is free and organic, never following a strict list or routine. This keeps the atmosphere exciting and natural as Gavin works passionately to capture authentic images of you, images that are strikingly vivid and crisp. The range of documentary and editorial-influenced photos flow effortlessly from one to the other, creating a story that comes alive for the viewer. Splitting his time between Brisbane and Wales, Gavin James is available for weddings worldwide.
Natalie Pluck can usually be found chasing the golden glow of a sunset, camera in hand. Married to a cinematographer, Natalie never stops exercising her creativity - whether it’s through photography, baking, or music. Inspired by the changing seasons, she is constantly thinking of new ways to capture those in-between moments that are the heart and soul of a relationship. Based in Northern England, this wedding photographer is full of ideas and excitement, ready to shoot your wedding in the UK and beyond!
Award winning wedding photographer Sacha Miller truly understands how to flawlessly merge high art with great storytelling, perhaps thanks to his background in photojournalism and newspaper reporting. His photography highlights the intimate moments unseen by many, while also exhibiting the balanced composition capable of only a true master. Having been awarded the prestigious ‘Wedding Photographer of the Year’ award by Professional Photographer magazine in 2010, Sacha’s work is more than just outstanding, it's celebrated and sought after. Take a peek at Sacha’s portfolio to see what everyone’s talking about, you will be swept away by the elegance and timelessness, we promise!
With a career that began in the realm of live music, after many twists and turns and traveling the world for photography, Hannah is now happily documenting the weddings of couples throughout Europe. Arriving at each wedding without any pre-calculated shot lists or routines, Hannah works best by absorbing the atmosphere and channeling the energy into each photograph. You won't find Hannah standing by on the sideline, instead she'll be mixing with the action, having fun and immersing herself into your special day. This with the added touch of her creativity, weaves together to create crisp, vibrant photos that seem to be alive with emotion, movement, and sound.
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