The best wedding photographers on Vancouver Island and British Columbia, Canada - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Victoria, British Columbia
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Included within every shot of your wedding day taken by FunkyTown Photography is the actual feeling of the moment and experience. Christina and Gwen are the talented artists behind the name, and these two ladies have mastered their signature process of creating phenomenal imagery; one in which demands the least effort or pressure on you as possible. This is all done for the purpose of leaving you relaxed to enjoy the memories, but also to verify every image showcases the natural, honest beauty of the day. Shooting all over the world within the past ten years, few professionals can compete with the amount of experience, skill, and expertise possessed by Vancouver Island’s FunkyTown Photography.
An artist with a camera as her instrument, Jennifer Armstrong is deeply in love with people, stories, and the magic of a photograph. Working on Vancouver Island and beyond, her style fits perfectly with the backdrop of the Gulf Islands, though traveling to your destination is just another one of her passions. It is quite clear that Armstrong was born to be a photographer, with her ability to make a moment remain alive and her calming presence that puts anyone at ease in front of the camera. Jennifer easily flows with your day and feels just like another member of your family, there to celebrate and document this incredibly special day. With instrument in hand, she produces lyrical and organic photographs that truly speak for themselves.
Creativity isn't just a notion for Kimberley Kufaas - it's her very essence. Explore her body of work, and you'll see this essence laced through her images, which boldly emanate the unfettered warmth and emotion behind them. Kimberley finds her passion in capturing the phenomenon of the human connection, carrying an adoration for the uniqueness of each romance she shoots. Balancing her talent for perfectly utilizing natural light with an eye for artistic perspectives, Kimberley creates crisp, romantic images, overflowing with vibrancy. With a vagabond's heart, Kimberley travels beyond the borders of her picturesque home of Vancouver Island, photographing the love stories of couples across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
Based in both Ontario and British Columbia, Jessica Latone has a heart for travel and is known to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice. Specializing in fine art wedding photography, lifestyle portraits, and boudoir, she loves nothing more than traveling the world to do what she loves. Clients rave about her friendliness, professionalism, and most of all, her talent. Jessica takes the time to get to know each and every one of them deeply so that she is able to fully capture their unique quirks and personalities -- never resulting in forced or posed images. Hire Jessica Lee Photography to create magic on your wedding day, available worldwide.

Georgia Johnston Photography

With a sublime perspective of the world, its natural landscapes and the people who inhabit it, Georgia Johnston uses her camera as her entry point into observing and learning. Being both a romantic and a storyteller, it is no wonder that she found and chose wedding photography as her path. Georgia’s imagery is vivid and undiluted. It reveals a documentarian view of the moments around her, shaped by beautiful natural light, creative compositions, and the slightest use of posing whenever capturing portraits. Her fun-loving spirit will be there every step of the way as both she, and her photographs, celebrate the love between two people. Available anywhere and everywhere.
Kim Jay seeks to share love, excitement, and a sense of adventure through her work. Based in British Columbia, Kim delivers creative documentary photography to couples that share her enthusiasm for exploration, travel, and genuine connection. Deeply personable and professional, Kim often finds clients turn into friends as they strive to accomplish each wedding vision. Her passion for her work is contagious, and while she takes it very seriously, she works with an easy, go-with-the-flow approach to shooting that captures the people and surrounding atmosphere authentically. Honoring each couple’s uniqueness while also respecting the traditional elements of this occasion, Kim Jay produces timeless, romantic imagery, seemingly in the most effortless way.
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