The best wedding photographers in Sweden - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That’s why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden,
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Cole and Jakob are the insanely creative, extraordinarily talented, and award-winning duo behind Nordica Photography. Always pushing artistic boundaries to get shots of perfection, their surreal and innovative journalistic style have been setting trends all over Europe for years. Each one of their phenomenal photographs are a rare gem that captures the entirety of your special day - they believe art and beauty happen in the moments when the setting, subject and mood are in sync and the real story unfolds naturally, without being contrived. Using the lush, ethereal landscapes of Sweden as their backdrop, Cole and Jakob deliver breathtaking imagery and photographic memories that you can re-live long after your wedding day. Based in Sweden, Cole and Jakob have a love for travel and will shoot your wedding absolutely anywhere!
Loved and respected by clients and industry professionals alike, Loke Roos is a growing force within the international wedding photography scene. His creative perspective allows him to capture the story of your wedding in a completely unique, comprehensive way. His connection to his work is obvious and endearing, as he operates inconspicuously to document everything he sees and feels. There’s no polarizing direction or posing as he moves around seamlessly. This, in turn, creates imagery that is delicate, intimate, and soft. In the words of his past couples, Loke is just as much an incredible human as he is an incredible artist.
Photographing honest moments is Lena Larsson’s mantra, and she has been successfully doing so for over a decade. Her work is pure photojournalism, honing in on authenticity and raw emotion, creating photos that encapsulate an expansive range of feeling. It’s important to choose the right storyteller for your wedding, and you can trust Lena to masterfully document your wedding day with photographs that will continue to move you for years to come. While based in Stockholm, Sweden, you will find Lena shooting weddings all over the world, from Calcutta to Barcelona, following her couples wherever their adventure may lead. If you're looking for a photographer who thrives outside of her comfort zone and will tell your story without fear, Lena Larsson is your girl.
When words aren't enough, Jana Julian knows she can rely on her camera to express her romantic, inquisitive nature. A lifetime of travel, discovery and curiosity have led Jana to create a home wherever she lands, with her camera being one of life's most treasured constants. Her images shrug the expectations of traditional wedding photography, documenting every moment and ounce of atmosphere of the day with excitement and authenticity. Above all, the images Jana creates are natural - just like the moments they preserve. Jana is a constant traveler and is happy to travel to international destinations.
Based in Stockholm, Karin Lundin’s calm and observant personality shines through her images. She is able to capture every detail while maintaining the idea of the big picture, and her use of natural posing, light and emotion shows how much her clients trust her. Her experience in editorial and press photography has given her an impressive portfolio, ultimately leading her to her true passion for wedding photography. Couples worldwide looking for a photographer who truly considers it an honor to capture their wedding day, look no further than Karin Lundin Photography.
Explore the work of Mickael Tannus, and you'll find a wealth of rich, emotive images, dripping with moodiness and warmth. Carrying a camera by his side since he was just five, it's no great mystery why he believes life is best experienced through a lens. Mickael first fell in love with wedding photography for the atmosphere it creates, and the opportunity it presents to tell the story of a seemingly ordinary couple, in an unique, creative way. Inspired by the chance to make an impact on the lives of couples in love for many years to come, Mickael is deeply passionate about crafting a story with each of the images he creates. Contact Mickael to schedule a date in Sweden or abroad.
Anette Bruzan, a talented Sweden-based wedding photographer, shoots straight from the heart. Her love for artistry, the outdoors, and weddings is visible in each and every photo she captures. Connecting on a personal level, Anette makes people feel relaxed, natural, and totally at ease, allowing her to create images that reflect the unique essence and personality of each couple she works with. Anette is masterful at documenting split-seconds full of emotion and communicating what's important in the biggest events and the tiniest details. You'll be thrilled by how she captures each fleeting moment of your wedding day, and how much her photos mean to you and your family as the years go by.
Bringing an undeniable air of adventure and delight to every wedding she shoots, Matilda has been dedicated to her craft since 2008. Shooting everything from families to live events early in her career, she's since focused in on weddings, relishing every chance she gets to capture the beautiful moments that tie couples and their family and friends together in an organic and humble way. Her ultimate goal is always to make the couple she's photographing happy, and to hear her past clients talk, she certainly surpasses this goal with every artful photograph she creates. Matilda is available for weddings in Sweden and adores traveling for destination weddings.
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Fashion forward, fresh and fabulous, the photography of Sara Landstedt is simply beautiful and deliciously sexy. There’s a connection that happens between her and the people she photographs that make you feel her photos not just see them. We love her soft, romantic portraits, her crisp details, and the stolen moments she captures while she works behind the scenes to show the authentic version of your love story. Sara loves to travel near and far and she would be thrilled to talk with you about your wedding day.    
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