The best wedding photographers in the South of France - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in the South of France
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
A Lithuanian photographer bringing high fashion, editorial style to weddings across Europe and the world - Linas Dambrauskas is magnificently talented and visionary. He has the ability to turn every couple he shoots into models, creating glamor and elegance with every click of his camera. There's a hint of vintage romance in his photos, reminiscent of classic Hollywood beauty. Linas is an artist that creates imagery worthy of the pages of couture magazines and advertisements. By encapsulating your love in his graceful manner, you will forever remember the true beauty of your day.
Art Weddings Photography is comprised of Sebastian Felisiak, an artist that has combined the best components of both contemporary and classic photography to mold his very own exceptional shooting style. With continuously changing compositions, edits that perfectly match the atmosphere of the surroundings, and a renewed creative perspective, Sebastian is able to create photographs that are authentic and unique to each couple and each wedding. His passions extend to more than just photography, for he sees every wedding as an opportunity to explore and reveal new emotions, sentiments and feelings in an image. As professional-minded as he is artistically talented, Sebastian Felisiak gives an all-encompassing experience to couples in love.
Immensely talented, successful, and charismatic, Don+Helen are a growing force within the wedding photography industry. Beginning their photography journey roughly five years ago, Don and Helen have crafted a style which is entirely their own; distinctively warm, radiant imagery with intensified emotion and intimacy. These two were recently named one of 30 rising photography stars from across the world, an honor they truly deserve. Based in the Canary Islands of Spain, but constantly traveling to beautiful locations and destinations, Don+Helen are an absolute joy to work with. The art that they create will encapsulate the light and joy in which your wedding day holds.
Lorenzo Accardi is a self-taught artist that dedicates his time to improving and mastering his craft of photography. For him, photographing is much more than a profession or career - it is his true passion. Having discovered photography at a young age, he has since developed the skills necessary to find success with this business. Working as an observer and never interrupting the moments around him, Lorenzo focuses on using a documentarian style of photography while shooting weddings. It matters to him to capture the real natural beauty of the space, friends and family, and of course the love you share as a couple. Available worldwide.
A rich background in the realm of photojournalism led David Latour on a journey to his truest passion - wedding photography. The emotion, beauty, rawness and simplicity of telling a love story through images drive him to continue pursuing his craft every day. Standing in the background, David captures moments of your wedding day in their most honest form, acting as an observer rather than an interruption. Explore his works, and you’ll find a collection images that balance the subtle realism of each moment, with a vibrant sense of beauty. David is based in the South of France, and travels to dream destinations all around the world.
After the start of a career in graphic design, Elodie Winter quickly discovered a talent and passion for creative wedding photography. A desire to capture vivid memories through her lens has led her to travel across the globe since she founded Photography by Winter in 2010. Elodie wants to ensure you are comfortable on your wedding day, and believes it is important to build trust and genuine friendship with her clients. Photography by Winter is based in France, but Elodie is ready and willing to head to the airport in order to document your special day!
Zephyr & Luna was a dream turned into reality for Ambre Peyrotty; a business for her to create art with the intention of avoiding the normalcy of wedding photography and producing something different. Ambre's fun, joyful personality elevates the creativity and innovation to every shoot. Inspired by the natural and simple elements of nature, she works with a constant smile and a radiant kindness. The imagery of Zephyr & Luna is full of special moments, always projecting the magic and the true personalities of the people in front of the lens. Her photography is full of vibrancy, depth, and an entrancing quality that pulls you headfirst into the story. Shooting throughout Europe and beyond, with infectious enthusiasm and passion.
When you visit the portfolio of celebrated wedding photojournalist Adam Alex, you don't just see his pictures, you feel them. He views your life through the eyes of an artist and tells your story straight from the heart; with all the beauty, emotion and intensity that you'll want to remember. He can't tell you how he knows when to click the shutter, but his photographs will tell you he's a master of timing, and once you get to know his upbeat, compassionate personality you'll be looking forward to working with him for all of your most important occasions.
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