The best wedding photographers in Bristol, Gloucester, and Cornwall, England - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That's why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in South West England,
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
The personal reward Colin Ross receives from wedding photography is visible from the start. His energetic, adventurous spirit generates a feeling of comfort for those he shoots, as he works to bring out your true character in a relaxed environment. But it’s with his photographs that Colin has carved a distinct place for himself in the wedding community. He shoots documentary style, capturing the real progression of time and space - but stylistically. Every shot has hues and tones from heaven, composed with thought and creativity. It’s a talent he cherishes and luckily gets to share with couples all around the world.
Ben is an artist with a notable passion for photography and a dedication to what influences him most - personal connections, authentic representation, and little details that reveal true identities. Ben loves a good adventure, and nothing makes an adventure better in his eyes than experiencing it alongside couples in love. It’s within these moments that he captures rich, ethereal photographs full of artistry and hidden meaning. His work pulls you in and forces examination, revealing thoughtful, deep sentiment. Anyone with an appreciation for photography deserves Ben as their photographer. Available throughout the UK and worldwide.
While viewing the work of Steve Fuller it becomes clear that he possesses an undeniable talent - no matter what your own personal photography tastes or preferences are. From the complete story to the individual shots that comprise them, Steve’s work has a relatable artistry; honest while still being creative and different. His humble and gracious nature make him a perfect addition to your wedding, as he works quietly and with little interruption. For any couple who truly values photography for their special day, Steve is a professional whose passion and skill translate effortlessly into beautifully meaningful documentation.
Albert is drawn to the jovial celebration, laughter, and the blissful excitement that surrounds a wedding day. Equipped with his camera, he attends weddings to act as an observer, watching what naturally unfolds and then capturing it with his timeless, fun style. Based in Bristol, yet available for worldwide travel, Albert grew up with a strong sense of creativity and inventiveness now present in his photographs. He has a natural knack for professionalism, giving his clients his undivided attention and the best service he can offer. For, he believes weddings are a truly remarkable event - each of which deserves his dedication in capturing one uniquely beautiful story.
Untamed and free-spirited, Enchanted Brides Photography is an authentic concoction from Jo Clement; a business built around her honest identity, with zero imitation or contrivance. Part artist and part mermaid, the mystical Cornish coast motivates Jo and her work, bringing the landscape and her couples together to create images dripping in allure and romance. Jo is dedicated to not only to her art but to the couples she photographs. Her mission is to document their true selves while fostering a connection that allows them to be relaxed and trusting. All this together creates imagery like no other, a truly unique entity within the world of wedding photography.
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