The best wedding photographers in Auckland, Wellington, Queenstown, and all over New Zealand - available for destination weddings worldwide 
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That is why we bring you our trusted hotlist of the worlds best wedding photographers from New Zealand.   
Easily one of our favorite photography husband and wife duos that we know, Jim and Vicky of Jim Pollard goes click bring creativity, excitement, and love to all they do. While Jim brings his incredible talent and work ethic to every wedding, Vicky brings her savvy knowledge of business and is the administrative brains behind the company. Seamlessly alternating between professionals and friends on your big day, Jim and Vicky use the incredible gift they were blessed with to capture each and every powerful moment. The beautiful, artistic collection of photographs you receive from them will leave you speechless, and their brilliant use of thoughtful composition mixed with natural light will remind you why they were the best investment you made on your wedding day. Based in New Zealand, these two have a zest for travel and will go anywhere in the world for you.
Based in one of the most majestic destinations in the world, Johanna Macdonald has documented over 100 weddings both near and far from New Zealand. What sets her apart is her calm, sweet spirit that guarantees a relaxed experience from beginning to end. Johanna is there to seamlessly blend in with your friends and family, as she captures the moments you are living and experiencing. Never obtrusive, she creates classically beautiful images with her timeless technique; every image contributing to the overall story of your magical day.
As self-proclaimed “people’s people”, married couple Sirjana and Ben love nothing more than spending time with each other and the couples they have the privilege of photographing. By working closely with their clients from start to finish, Sirjana and Ben are able to truly capture the soul of each relationship - searching for the unplanned moments, stolen glances, and the in-between details rather than just the posed ones. For couples looking for not only a photographer but a team devoted to documenting the moments you will cherish forever, look no further than Tinted Photography. Located in New Zealand, available worldwide.
Maz Pedersen of Black Bird Tale is not only a photographer but an avid world traveller, life lover and light chaser! Her life is built around the mission to capture people in love all around the world. She captures the moments as they naturally unfold in raw, emotive and honest images. Her techniques and amazing use of natural light gives her images a beautiful raw and natural look. The images become one-of-a-kind through her story telling perspective. She focuses on the love between you and the moments that are created from your connection as a couple. As a couple you will be forever grateful for her raw talent and sincerity, not to mention the amazing photos this lady will produce for you. Maz is available worldwide.
More than a photographer, Lukas Piatek is a narrator, and he wants to tell your story. Lukas is highly respected in the photography industry and genuinely considers it his dream job. His passion and raw talent produce images filled with emotion and sincerity, allowing couples to relive their most important day for years to come. He truly loves nothing more than making his clients happy, and his photography does just that. Camera in hand, Lukas Piatek Photography is available for travel worldwide!
Creativity over convention- a short and sweet ideology that fuels Dawn Thomson Photography and the images she creates. When capturing the moments too exciting and fleeting for words, Dawn taps into the natural observer inside and documents what unfolds. She has a calming presence and the personality of an old friend, making shooting an absolute breeze for even the most anxious couples. This, plus the addition of the incredibly majestic landscape of New Zealand and the wild, raw elements of Dawn’s imagery, all come together to make an experience and final product that is like no other.
We’ve searched high and low for the best wedding vendors and inspiration for your New Zealand wedding. Looking for more New Zealand wedding inspiration? Search through our fabulous New Zealand real weddings to inspire your big day!

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