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Hi, I am Wianda, I am a storytelling weddingphotographer who lives in the Netherlands and worksworldwide.

I want to create photographs that matter.

I’m always looking for the special moments thatsomeone else might not see. I will never ask you anything that isn’t honest or real. I’m only interested in real feelings, true emotions and great moments. That’swhere the magic happens and that’s where love andpassion are coming. Raw and pure. To get photo’s likethis, I try to create an atmosphere of trust. So you canbe yourselves and dare to be open in front of thecamera. I need that freedom, to make the photo’s I love the most. Full of love and passion!

I want to give you a memory forever. So that you will remember, even after years, the joy and love from thatvery special day, when you celebrate the love.

My photo's are a collection 
of honestly pure, rawmoments.

If you love them and if you feel a connection with myway of working; let's get in touch.

I would love to hear from you

X Wianda

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