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My name is Claire Penn and I'm a UK based, creative wedding photographer. I am a lover of life, Polaroids, stationery, anything turquoise and American TV shows (esp. those starring Nathan Fillion). I am forever in search of the perfect G&T.

I work with fun loving couples who don't take themselves too seriously (but take their wedding photography very seriously), couples who are hell-bent on doing their wedding THEIR way and who want it documented naturally above all else � with a few kick ass portraits thrown in for good measure.

My emphasis is always on beautiful, natural, relaxed shots� nothing stuffy or formal. I'm not bossy. I won't be yelling at you or your guests but I am organised enough to get a handful of group shots done. I won't keep you for hours either, I am flexible and work quickly so you spend as much time as possible with your loved ones and I simply get on with capturing everything around me.

Coverage of YOUR love story can be anywhere in the world. Let's go!


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