The best wedding photographers in New Orleans, Louisiana - available for destination weddings worldwide.
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That’s why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in New Orleans, Louisiana,
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
For some, a natural gift is embedded into their being and becomes far more than a skill; it becomes a piece of their identity. It's unmistakable that Dorka Hegedus is apart of this exclusive club, with her photographer's aptness and perception always in full force. Her work is far from generic and is consistently stimulating, unaffected, and beautifully natural. Being a dedicated artist helps her to put 110% effort into each session, and her kind spirit is evident in her ability to listen and her desire to get to know you on a genuinely intimate level. She works with a contagious, comfortable ease which displays how much she truly loves the process of photography. Past clients have noted it is not even as though you are "hiring her to work for you", but rather providing her an outlet to do what she loves. Creating inspired, raw images for New Orleans and beyond.
Call 818.613.0530
Write to dorottya@mac.com
Visit http://www.dorkaphotography.com
With their own touching, personal story of what led them to dedicate their lives to documenting other couples' weddings, Heather and Jamie of Dark Roux can demonstrate not only through their work, but also their ardent character, just how passionate they are about wedding photography. Past clients would be first to express the talent and professionalism these two possess behind the lens and the personable, accommodating qualities they have when the cameras are gone. Just like a roux that takes patience and a little bit of elbow grease, Heather and Jamie work hard to maintain their consistent product of images that are artistic, creative, and most importantly, representative of you. They know very sincerely the full importance of having timeless photos to keep close to your heart and to share for generations to come. Serving South Louisiana and available Nationwide.
Call 504.905.4367
Write to info@darkroux.com
Visit http://www.darkroux.com
For this married professional duo, the most sentimental and meaningful story they hold is that of their own wedding day. As photographers, they have set out to truthfully capture and one day retell your own wedding day story. Erin and Geoffrey will guide you through your engagement shoot, making you feel as relaxed and natural as possible. And when the wedding day arrives, they will inconspicuously and artistically document every moment, from the most profound to the tiniest of details. All of their images possess a uniqueness and demonstrate their thoughtful consideration while also having a beautiful editorial flair. But above all, they're not wanting to create any forced moments -- they only want to capture the magic as it unfolds. Available in Southern Louisiana and Worldwide.
Call 337-852-6150
Write to erinandgeoffrey@gmail.com
Visit http://www.erinandgeoffreyphotography.com
In the search for a perfect wedding photographer, you might not believe finding someone who takes jaw-dropping photographs that transform your fleeting wedding moments into encapsulated works of art is possible. Thankfully, Jason Albus has done just this for his past clients and would be thrilled and honored to do the same for you. With his blend of photojournalistic and editorial styles he produces authentic images that eclipse the norm of conventional and trite wedding photography. His laid-back, genuine personality make him much more than one of your wedding vendors; by getting to know you, your photography hopes, and all whom are a part of the biggest day of your life, Jason is more fit to be called family. Available in New Orleans, Minneapolis, and Worldwide.
Call 6126074133
Write to jason.albus@gmail.com
Visit http://weddings.jalbusphoto.com
One common thread looping all of photographer Maile Lani's clients together is their wish for wedding photographs that are far from the run-of-the-mill, prototypical images they've seen all too many times. While this free-spirited artist produces timeless, romantic photos, she without a doubt brings her creative and imaginative voice to every shoot, guaranteeing uniqueness to every shot. Maile's warm, engaging personality is comforting in those pre-ceremony moments and essential to her pursuit in delivering the true images you've always wanted. For less posed, more natural wedding photos with a dreamy, vintage feel -- Maile's your gal. Available in New Orleans and worldwide.
Call 504.383.5379
Write to info@mailelaniphotography.com
Visit http://www.mailelaniphotography.com

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