The best wedding photographers in Reykjavik, Iceland - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
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Behind the name Everbay is two thoughtful, passionate photographers named Martin and Suzie. Based in Prague, this duo has built their business around a focus on people and the relationships created with them. Their work is nothing short of timeless and reflects the subjects within the frame with honesty and a true artistic authenticity. Each image is intimate and soft, often creating a feeling of serenity and peace while capturing the atmosphere surrounding a wedding and the love between two people. From Martin’s film work to Suzie’s incredibly beautiful packaging, these two put forth serious time and effort to give each couple the best wedding photography experience and imagery possible. Available for worldwide travel.
Intimate wedding portrait by Ben Yew Photography - Perth - Australia
Photographs and films from fine-art photographers, Ben Yew and his wife Liyoon, have a soft, sexy feel and a pure color palette that is ultra-romantic and oh so beautiful. They have a distinctive way of creating a sense of timelessness within their fresh, modern images that gives them an artistic edge and a highly-sought after style. Focusing on your beauty, and the intimacy of your relationships, they let your story unfold naturally as they bring out the best in you and capture your fondest memories. For unpretentious, unscripted images that you’ll cherish, contact them now to photograph your wedding day. Available for travel everywhere.  
His distinctively vivid and electric photojournalistic style is what solidifies Maciej Suwalowski as a rising star of photography. Each image contains unique compositions and thrilling color that enhances the emotion of each and every moment he captures. Along with talent, Maciej brings passion, enthusiasm, and thoughtfulness and his relatable personality makes him the kind of person you would enjoy having at the best day of your life. You and your partner can count on him to document your wedding artistically, creating dynamic and ingenious photographs. But also, he will document your wedding day truthfully, immortalizing the moments of such a magical day. Available Worldwide.
Friendly, warm and personable - words that describe the man behind the lens at Phan Tien Photography. And the images he creates can best be described as emotive, vibrant and joyful. An award-winning photographer, Phan is intent on flawlessly communicating the love story of every couple in front of him. A lover of espresso, people and his camera, Phan injects his passion into everything he does, and every image he creates. Explore Phan's work, and you'll immediately feel the connection he forges with his subjects in each delicate yet energetic shot. Phan is based in Paris and is happy to travel to your dream destination.
Maria lives for the simple things in life. Adventure. Love. Dogs. She appreciates the little moments that make life special, just as much as the big ones. With a spirit of exploration guiding her, and the company of partner Ingo and her beloved dog Bino, Maria’s greatest delight is to hold a camera in hand and preserve the poignancy of the precious moments that surround her. Maria finds her greatest elation in the opportunity to bear witness to a love story, using her signature style to create moody, rich and deeply emotive images. She will take the time to get to know every couple she photographs to learn their story, capturing their spirit and catching that raw emotion in a snapshot. Although based in Germany, Maria always has her bags packed, ready to travel anywhere to tell your story.
Using a blend of photojournalism and fine art, award-winning wedding photographer Mait Juriado lets his work speak for itself. His candid, romantic style perfectly combines technical expertise with creativity, resulting in a final product like no other. However, perhaps his most unique feature is the way he sincerely values his clients and desires not only to meet their expectations, but to exceed them. As in international photographer, Mait frequently shoots in Iceland, where one of his wedding stories was recently named a “TOP 35 Wedding Story in the World” by NIKON. M&J Studios is available worldwide.
Breathtakingly vivid photos that catch every movement, every color, and every beam of light, and freeze it in time. The work of Styrmir and Heiðdis captures the tangible and intangible of your wedding day, and does what very few are capable of; that is, truly capture the natural beauty of Iceland's majestic, ineffable landscape. Together with their charming, enthusiastic nature, Styrmir and Heiðdís know how to work while letting you enjoy your special day. Their professionalism and expertise, for both photography and Iceland, prove to be helpful in any situation. For any couple considering taking the trip to Iceland to elope, without a doubt keep Styrmir and Heiðdis at the top of your list.
Hinterland Stills is not a job for the two beards and co-owners that make up this united coalition. Both Kyle Wilson and Stephen Ramsden have dedicated themselves to a rebranding process that allowed them to not only fulfill their greatest photography dreams but to also offer the best possible experience to their couples. And with this, Hinterland Stills has become a lifestyle. Now based in Seattle, though traveling is in the fabric of their business’ DNA, they have shot over 100 weddings with no two ever alike. These guys are full of charm and passion, as they live to capture your smaller moments on the grandest of scales.
Warsaw-based Rafal Bojar is an award-winning editorial-style wedding photographer, with a knack for preserving the excitement of your most meaningful moments. His earthy, honest photo effortlessly capture the emotion and subtleties of your day. Rather than treating them like clients, Rafal views every couple he gets the honor of shooting as dear friends, knowing the most candid, genuine moments don't come from uncomfortable poses or planned shots. Focused as much on capturing the atmosphere as the people who create, his work is undeniably emotive. Rafal travels for destination weddings across Poland, Europe and the world.
When describing his style, Marko Marinkovic avoids the words that we see all too often in wedding photography - he prefers the words, ‘human’ and ‘honest’. While shooting, he connects to his inner vulnerability; this connection has turned him into a true destination photographer, as he is sought after all over the globe to document love. Marko’s imagery holds a quiet simplicity, yet is intricate and thoughtful. The deep, dreamy hues are beautifully saturated as if brush strokes composed the image. Your intimacy and emotion will forever be encapsulated within Marko’s artful, majestic photographs.
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