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Vangelis Beltzenitis believes that photography has shaped him as a person. Ever since he got his first camera in his hands and started shooting film, the way that he perceived reality has changed. He started to visualize reality as if he constantly looked at it through a camera lens. His obsession with correct lighting, aesthetics as well as the ideas of balance and symmetry in the framing of his subject are key notions behind his photography.

His wedding photography style couldn't be described with only one word. It's more of an intertwining or fusion of photojournalism, fine art and fashion, just like a wedding is a constant interplay of unique personalities, powerful emotions and stunning details. This alternation of different shooting styles is the challenge he loves in shooting weddings. He views every wedding day as an orchestrated event in which a different tune is played every time by the orchestra, while his goal is to capture the very essence of a wedding by creating beautiful photography full of emotion, excitement, thrill and passion that his couples will cherish for the rest of their lives.


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