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The best wedding photographers in Dallas, Texas - available for destination weddings worldwide
We know how much your wedding photography will mean to you in the years to come.
That’s why we bring you our trusted Hotlist of the best wedding photographers in Dallas, Texas,
and around the world so you can choose your wedding photographer with confidence!
Top Texas photographer, Amy Karp, is sought after around the world for her fine-art underwater photographs and her stunning wedding imagery. When you hire her to shoot your wedding you get to have it all; dreamy bridal portraits, magazine style details, (sexy boudoir photos, if you’re feeling daring) and hundreds of in-the-moment images that tell the story of your wedding day. A sweet Southern lady with a delightful sense of humor, and tons of experience and talent, she can’t wait to connect with you to give you everything you’re looking from your wedding photography, and more.
Call 214-519-9687
Write to photographer@amykarp.com
Visit http://www.amykarp.com
A master storyteller and hopeless romantic, there is no one better to document your wedding day in the most beautiful, refreshing, and honest manner than Khanh Nguyen. Hailing from Houston, his relaxed photojournalistic approach is perfect for the couple who want their love story told in an unobtrusive manner. Letting every moment unfold naturally, Khanh and his passionate team focus on the moments that make your day memorable, from the first look to the emotional hugs with your parents, they effortlessly capture it all. Whether you're getting married in Houston, Dallas, or some exotic destination, Khanh can't wait to get to know you both on a personal level and give you timeless images that fully encompass your love for one another.
Call 832-661-0216
Write to khanh@khanhnguyenphotography.com
Visit http://www.khanhnguyenphotography.com
top Dallas based wedding photographer Hiram Trillo
Award-winning and frequently-published wedding photographer, Hiram Trillo, captures the seconds in time that you will remember for the rest of your life. From the first moments of your big day to your beautiful goodbye, he works with a passion to create stunning artful images you’ll treasure. We love his gorgeous fashionable bridal portraits, his crisp details, and his touching spontaneous photographs that celebrate the heart and soul of your wedding day. Internationally sought-after and at home on the road, Hiram would love to capture your wedding wherever your dreams take you.
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Call 806.252.3952
Write to info@hiramtrillo.com
Visit http://www.hiramtrillo.com
Providing a boutique experience with an exemplary level of personalized service, Adam Nyholt is highly sought-after in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, and all around the world for his elegant, brilliantly creative imagery that stands the test of time. With solid experience and an upbeat, supportive personality he builds a trusted rapport with you that’s based on your love and chemistry as a couple, so he can document your wedding from a truly authentic and distinctive point of view. A believer in letting life and love unfold naturally, he works behind the scenes capturing all the people, places and things that make your wedding so unique, so you can enjoy your celebration while he captures all the moments and details that mean the most to you.
Call 281-668-7317
Write to adam@nyholt.com
Visit http://www.nyholt.com
Clearly, Kathryn Krueger adores a good love story. Observing the people she works with through compassionate, creative eyes, she captures touching moments of lingering beauty that show us what matters most about getting married and being in love. Approaching her life and her work with a curious, joyful heart and a great sense of humor, Kathryn’s goal is to bring out the very best in people and places and to create enduring works of art that her clients will cherish. To that end we say, congratulations Kathryn, mission accomplished! 330 Austin Ave #301 - Waco, TX 76701
Write to kathryn@kathrynkrueger.com
Visit http://www.kathrynkrueger.com
Edmonson Weddings is a collaboration of styles and talent from the dynamic father and son team of David and Luke Edmonson. Blending their diverse backgrounds with a mutual passion for photography, they’ve discovered the key ingredients for a beautiful wedding collection is as varied as each couple they’ve photographed. Their styles range from photojournalistic documentary, to fashionable portraits with every image they create more striking with elegance, more vibrant with color and more profound with intensity than the last. Their creative vision, combined with their spontaneity and humor, make them a dream come true for couples looking for a truly unique experience from their photographer.
Call 972-208-0215
Write to info@edmonsonweddings.com
Visit http://edmonsonweddings.com
Gorgeous wedding portrait by Dallas and destination wedding photographers - Edmonson Weddings
With Shaun as the lead photographer, and his wife Shannon as the brains behind the operation, these two strike the perfect balance when it comes to delivering gorgeous, fine-art wedding photography. Capturing all of the emotion, moments, and feel of every wedding, Shaun is completely in tune with his artistic sensibility and photographic intuition. Beyond their incredible skill, Shaun and Shannon develop personal relationships with each and every one of their clients, putting them feel at ease in front of the camera. Fresh, candid, creative, inventive - the award-winning images of Shaun Menary Photography will exceed your expectations and keep you smiling long after your wedding day. Shaun and Shannon are based in Dallas, and they will travel anywhere in the world to shoot the wedding of your dreams.
Call 214-945-3970
Write to info@shaunmenary.com
Visit http://shaunmenary.com
Bradford Marten’s photographs have got soul; from his intimate, quiet images of couples on their wedding day, to his uplifting, spontaneous portraits of their family members and friends, he captures authentic expressions that speak straight to the heart. A music connoisseur and lover of romantic comedies, his easy-going personality makes him friends wherever he goes, and his artful, stand alone images are making him a star in the world of wedding photography. Based in Dallas, Bradford loves to travel and shoot weddings throughout Texas and around the world.
Call 972-244-3350
Write to bradford@bradfordmartens.com
Visit http://www.bradfordmartens.com
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